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Animal Talk 03 – Safety around Kids (and pets)

by Darryl Grima

In this video of Animal Talk Darryl Grima (Veggy Malta) and Chris Pace (MSPCA) talk about Chris Pace pets and safety around kids.

The MSPCA receives many rehoming queries from expecting families because they fear that the new arrival will diminish their ability to look after their pets or that the pet poses a risk to the child. This shows these parents’ commitment to do thing right so we’d like to reach out to more of them to help them through this transition with education.

The main concerns of new parents are coping with he additional chores, injuries and diseases. Our aim in these sessions is to provide enough information to expecting families to significantly reduce or eliminate the risk of injury and disease. Most accidents resulting in injury are foreseeable and therefore preventable. If you know your enemy then you know how to fight it. Learning to read a dog’s and cat’s body language helps parents assess the safety of their pet around children and intervene before there are accidents. Knowing which diseases are a factor, how to identify them and prevent their spread means that parent scan keep their children safe because these do not just come with having pets but can easily come from recreational environments like parks and playgrounds.

Preparing your pet and yourself for the change in routine takes a little more though and requires some panning. Dogs especially to not take to a change in routine overnight but can be slowly trained towards the new routine during the pregnancy so when the baby comes home they have already adjusted to having fewer cuddles, less frequent walks, walking alongside a pram and all the new things they need to adjust to when the baby comes home.


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