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Valsoia Rice Milk – a sweet and low fat alternative to dairy milk

by Darryl Grima


Veggy Malta tried out Valsoia’s rice milk.

Rice milk as the name clearly implies is made from rice.  Whilst you can choose to make your own rice milk at home using rice, vanilla extract and agave nectar, I guess it’s far easier to pick up a packet of Valsoia. Furthermore Valsoia adds calcium,vitamin B2, B12 and D2 in the mix. As is the case for all Valsoia’s non-dairy milks, it is vegan and can be consumed by those who are intolerant to milk or allergic to milk protein and by celiacs.

But most importantly, how does it taste? I normally drink almond milk and have little experience with rice milk. Although it looks more watery than almond milk, the taste is somewhat similar yet less nutty. Both are pleasant to drink and sweet. Which can be a plus if you prefer sweet tastes. Personally, being somewhat of a sweet tooth, I like the sweetness of the Valsoia rice milk. Added with my morning muesli it tasted just great.

A study has found that children with cow milk protein allergy (CMPA) tolerate rice milk better than cow milk and soy milk [1].  Rice milk is also found to be FODMAP diet-friendly, thus making it suitable for individuals with irritable bowel syndrome [2]. Rice milk is the most hypo-allergenic of all milk products and can a good option for those individuals who also have a lactose, nut or soy allergy [3]. Whilst normal rice milk is low in calcium, Valsoia rice milk is fortified with calcium. To ensure the maximum benefit it is advisable to shake the packet well before consuming. Rice milk also contains more manganese and selenium than any other non-dairy milks. These two are powerful antioxidants and are very beneficial to body health.

Also worth mentioning is that rice milk has the least amount of fat compared to all other alternatives. Valsoia rice milk has 1.2g fat per 500ml, which is a bit more than one fifth of what Valsoia almond milk has with 1.1g per 100ml.

How much does Valsoia rice milk cost?

So how much does Valsoia Rice Milk cost? It sells around €2.15.

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