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Veggy Malta checks out: Bjorg 100% plant-based drinks

by Ramona Debono

Bjorg is a French pioneering plant-based food specialist, founded in the late 80s, by a nutritionist. The aim of Bjorg is to make organic food accessible to as many people as possible. Continuously evolving since then, Bjorg products have become more sustainable and 100% palm-oil free. This, to ensure a balanced, healthier lifestyle for us consumers, without harming the environment.

Bjorg’s non-dairy milk range is very vast. From the classic soy, oat and almond milk to spelt, hazelnut and rice milk – Bjorg has everyone’s taste covered. At Veggy Malta we got to try quite a selection of the plant-based drinks and our favourite ones to have with coffee is the classic creamy oat milk, and the trendy spelt-hazelnut milk, whilst the almond drinks pair very well with cereal.

The ingredients list on the carton mirror Bjorg’s mission – simple, wholesome ingredients with no nasty additives or stabilisers. This is also evident in the taste – you can taste each ingredient! The texture of the milk is also different compared to other brands – gums and stabilisers in beverages tend to make the beverage thicker and sometimes slimy with an aftertaste. Occasionally these additives can also cause minor digestive issues. It is true that this will entail to shake your carton well before pouring in your coffee or cereal bowl due to separation, however, one can consume Bjorg’s beverages with peace of mind (and no upset stomachs).

Another plus is that Bjorg’s non-dairy drinks are one of the cheaper non-dairy brands on the island. The take-away is that Bjorg’s plant-based drinks don’t make you choose between taste and health. Naturally tasty, organic, vegan and low in saturated fatty acids, they are a pleasure for all taste buds!


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