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Valsoia’s Pizza con Verdure griliate

by Darryl Grima


Veggy Malta tried out Valsoia’a Pizza con Verdure griliate (Pizza with grilled vegetables).

Although it gives the impression that it has mozzarella on top, Valsoia’s Pizza con Verdure griliate is a vegan pizza! That is because the pizza is topped with Valsoia’s Gustosino just as their other pizza, the Pizza Margherita is. Both actually are 100% vegan, dairy free and obviously lactose free. The lack of dairy has no influence on the protein content of this pizza. In fact it actually is a good source of protein having nearly 25 g of protein in just one pizza. Talking of protein, the soya used in the pizza is non GMO certified.

Being already pre-cooked in a wood burning over before frozen, cooking the pizza is easy. If you just take it out of the freezer and throw it in the oven as I do, then it will take around 10 minutes to be ready.

How much do Valsoia’s Pizza con Verdure Griliate cost?

Valsoia’s Cotolette cost €3.55.

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