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Valsoia’s Fettine – rich source of protein

by Darryl Grima


Veggy Malta tried out Valsoia’s Fettine. Another product in Valsoia’s extensive range of meat free products.

I tried out the Fettine with some fresh salad. The choice of fresh salad came about as I persist with the illusion that I am trying to cut back post my Christmas season food binging. After all they only contain 163 kcal per 100 g and having taken just one with my salad, that means just three-fourths of those 152 kcal. The problem is not this plate of salad with fettine, or the two fresh oranges at the end of the meal (one needs to boost one’s immunity at this time of year!). It’s all the other items of food that came between these!

Apart from with a salad though, yet you can try Valsoia’s Fettine in a number of creative ways. Try them out with some mushroom sauce or alternatively with some lemon and radish. If you want something a bit chunkier, you an also try them out between a bun, burger style. Add some tomatoes, green salad and maybe a drizzle of tartar sauce. It’s a question of taste.

Valsoia’s Fettine are a good source of protein (having 12 g of protein every 100 g) and are also rich in fibre like other products of their including the Cotolette, the Polpettine and burgers.

Valsoia Fettine an be bought for €3.30

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