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A plate of spaghetti with Valsoia’s polpettine

by Darryl Grima
valsoia polpettine

Sometimes all you want is a plate of spaghetti with some tomato sauce and juicy steaming polpette. Maybe a grate of cheese on top and who knows a jug of lager to help wash it down.

Well if you think that you need a gram of meat for all of that you’re down right wrong! Not one teeny bit of meat! What you actually need are Valsoia’s Polpettine Surgelate. Ready made frozen meat free polpettine. Cook them in the tomato sauce and add the herbs you like to further season them and the sauce.

There you have it, your traditional plate of spaghetti. This is a simple alternative to the traditional meat based pasta dish that is just as tasty and more nutritious. Apart from being a guilt free meal. 

Okay, so let’s stray away from the plate of pasta that you are drooling about (and preparing tonight)! These polpettine have some other pluses. As a starter they contain 18 g of protein every 100 g (and each packet has 200 g). Furthermore they contain 3 g of fibre (per 100 g).

Valsoia’s polpettine are vegetarian but not vegan given that they contain some egg albumen. 

Valsoia has other products in it’s frozen range like their spinach cotolette, Pizza Margherita, burgers, Lasagne Bolognese that are worth checking out.

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