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Coffee Circus Qawra – a place to chill

by Darryl Grima


Veggy Malta went to visit Coffee Circus Qawra, or rather I could say I went to visit Gilbert and Alana in their new coffee shop. Whilst they still run around with their mobile coffee shops, they have parked themselves on the Qawra promenade.

The shop has a warm feeling with lovely henna art, nicely painted chairs, art and a general feeling of homeliness. It is not one of those coffee shops that transmits the feel drink and leave, on the contrary you feel welcome to spend and enjoy your time there. Importantly, you can find a selection of almond, coconut, oat and soya milk to take with your coffee. Very little to no plastic is used in the shop, where the emphasis is re-use and sustainability. from wooden stirrers to potato straws.


The selection of coffees and hot beverages is extensive. Apart from the normal blends you can also find a range of speciality coffee from Brazil, Guatemala, Ethiopia and other regions of the coffee world. An espresso is only €2 whilst a vegan cappuccino is €3. Every week there is a different single origin coffee on offer at only €0.50 extra.

Yet vegan hot beverages is not the only plant based item in the shop. There is a choice of vegan snacks and also deserts. Take a toast or pizza or feast on the home made dips. Alternatively take a vegan (gluten free and sugar free) desert by Anurakti with your coffee.


If your body needs something more than a caffeine punch, they have a choice of organic and Fairtrade alcohol.  Including organic craft beers and vegan and organic wines. These are also available during the weekend events where you will find live jams, film nights and workshops at Coffee Circus.

Clearly Coffee Circus Qawra isn’t just another coffee shop, but a safe place for art, music and a place to chill out. After all one wouldn’t expect anything less from Gilbert who is probably already planning the next Consciousness festival between one coffee and another.


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