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A vegan in Vienna

Best vegan restaurants in Vienna

by Darryl Grima
Vienna: A Vegan Food Paradise

When it comes to culture, Vienna is renowned for its rococo architecture, museums, art, and music. But did you know that this vibrant city is also a haven for vegan food lovers? With a plethora of plant-based restaurants, cafes, and even vegan ice cream parlours, Vienna truly offers a delight for every vegan palate.

During your visit, you can indulge in a diverse range of culinary options. If you’re longing for a fusion experience, there are restaurants that blend flavours from different cuisines, creating unique and exciting dishes. Craving a juicy vegan burger? Fear not, as Vienna boasts some fantastic vegan burger joints that will satisfy your cravings.

For those seeking Middle Eastern or Oriental flavours, Vienna doesn’t disappoint. There are numerous restaurants serving delectable vegan dishes inspired by these regions, allowing you to explore a whole new world of flavours.

Whether you’re a dedicated vegan or simply curious about plant-based cuisine, Vienna provides a wide array of options to tickle your taste buds. So, go ahead and embark on a vegan culinary adventure in this cultural hotspot, experiencing the very best of Vienna’s vegan food scene.

1. Vevi – Vietnamese vegan kitchen

Vevi is a Vietnamese vegan restaurant (actually two restaurants), both located in the heart of Vienna, which use meat substitutes such as seitan ham, seitan duck, soy slices, soy medallions, konjac shrimp or soy protein and much more. You can feel comfortable at Vevi given that all of the dishes are 100% plant-based. They also offer a choice of gluten-free dishes.

Their stylish interior décor creates a welcoming ambiance, and the venue at Stollgasse even offer an outdoor seating area, perfect for enjoying your meal in a cooler setting. The choice of food is extensive presenting a wide selection of plant-based dishes that will whet even the most discerning of your taste buds. Furthermore please note that the main dishes are abundant, so be careful not to over order. Affordability is another highlight of Vevi. Despite the substantial portion sizes, all main dishes are priced under €16. This ensures that you can indulge in delectable plant-based cuisine without breaking the bank.

VEVI STOLLGASSE : Stollgasse 5, Vienna 1070, Austria | Opening hours: Monday to Sunday 11.00 to 22.00 | tel:+436601147143

VEVI LEIHASTRAE : Leithastr. 21, Vienna 1200, Austria | Opening hours: Monday to Sunday 11.00 to 22.00 | tel:+436609202142

2. Swing Kitchen – the vegan burger franchise

Swing Kitchen is not only a vegan kitchen, but also a story of compassion and transformation. It all began with a man who had a change of heart when he couldn’t bring himself to slaughter a pig. This pivotal moment led him to embrace a first a vegetarian lifestyle and eventually marry a vegan woman.

Motivated by their shared values, the couple decided to transform their country pub into a vegan kitchen. What started as a small endeavour soon gained tremendous popularity and recognition. Today, Swing Kitchen stands as one of the fastest growing vegan burger franchises across Europe with locations outside Vienna, including Graz, Berlin, Bern, Munich, and Innsbruck. In Vienna alone, there are six Swing Kitchen restaurants conveniently spread around the capital, making them a perfect stop for locals and tourists alike.

Whether you’re exploring the enchanting walking trails or immersing yourself in the rich culture of Vienna’s palaces and museums, you can easily find a Swing Kitchen nearby and indulge in their extensive range of vegan burgers.

SWING KITCHEN SCHOTTENFELDGASSE : Schottenfeldgasse 3, Vienna 1070, Austria | Opening hours: Monday to Sunday 11.00 to 22.00 – Also open on public holidays.

SWING KITCHEN OPERNGASSE : Operngasse 24, Vienna 1040, Austria | Opening hours: Monday to Sunday 11.00 to 22.00 – Also open on public holidays.

SWING KITCHEN JOSEFSTÄDTERSTRASSE : Josefstädter Str. 73, Vienna 1080, Austria | Opening hours: Monday to Sunday 11.00 to 21.30 – Also open on public holidays.

SWING KITCHEN SCHWEDENPLATZ : Schwedenplatz 3-4/4-5, Vienna 1010, Austria | Opening hours: Monday to Sunday 11.00 to 22.00. Open Friday to Saturday 11.00 to 23.00 – Also open on public holidays.

SWING KITCHEN UNIVERSITÄTSRING : Universitätsring 10, Vienna 1010, Austria | Opening hours: Monday to Sunday 11.00 to 22.00 – Also open on public holidays.

SWING KITCHEN WÄHRINGER STRASSE : Währinger Str. 47/2, Vienna 1090, Austria | Opening hours: Monday to Sunday 11.00 to 22.00 – Also open on public holidays.

If you love burgers, Swing Kitchen is the perfect place for you. With a variety of options like the Cheese burger and the Vienna Burger, you won’t have any trouble deciding what to eat. And the best part? The price of a full meal, including fries and free refill soft drinks, is under €35. So you can indulge in guilt-free fast food that’s not only delicious but also affordable.

But Swing Kitchen is more than just a place to satisfy your cravings. It’s a restaurant that truly cares about the environment. each shop has a monitor that displays the amount of water, CO2, land, and animals saved since 2015. These numbers have been officially validated by TUV Austria, so you know they’re accurate. And they are truly impressive. With 167,000 animals saved and over 4 million kg of CO2 saved, Swing Kitchen shows the positive impact of adopting a plant-based diet.

In addition to their environmental efforts, Swing Kitchen is committed to reducing plastic waste. They avoid the use of plastic by providing biodegradable cutlery, and they even give you a metal mug to fill up on soft drinks. So you can enjoy your meal knowing that you’re making a difference.

3. Bio Paradies – vegan restaurant and shop

Located close to Schönbruun Palace, Bio Paradies is a hidden gem that beckons both vegans and food enthusiasts alike. This charming and intimate restaurant offers a delectable selection of vegan organic dishes. The establishment also features a quaint organic shop immersed in the restaurant itself, where you can explore a variety of ethically sourced products. With its warm and inviting ambiance, Bio Paradies provides both indoor and outdoor seating options, both having their own charm. The menu isn’t extensive and neither English friendly, yet just sit down, relax and get a plate of the day’s special (which changes everyday).

BIO PARADIES : Altgasse 23A1/1, Vienna 1130, Austria | Opening hours: Monday to Friday 09.00 to 18.00 – Saturday & Sunday 10.00 to 16.00 | tel:+43 69910476273

4. Gaia Kitchen – vegan fusion kitchen

Gaia Kitchen is a remarkable fusion restaurant that seamlessly blends the essence of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine. Situated just a stone’s throw away from the iconic Giant Ferris Wheel (and Madame Tussauds). From sumptuous vegan Döner kebabs and flavourful falafel plates to creamy hummus and a delightful selection of vegan mezes, their menu is an absolute delight for herbivorous food enthusiasts.

Step inside Gaia Kitchen and immerse yourself in a colourful ambiance that overlooks an open kitchen bustling with culinary creativity. If you prefer the outdoors, fear not! Gaia Kitchen also offers the option to dine al fresco, allowing you to enjoy your meal.

No meal at Gaia Kitchen is complete without embarking on a journey of culinary indulgence with their vegan Baklava. Savor each layer of crispy phyllo dough, perfectly complemented by a vegan substitute for honey and a generous sprinkling of nuts. For those craving something different, their Halva is an excellent choice to satisfy your sweet tooth while embracing the flavors of Greece.

GAIA KITCHEN : Praterstraße 68, Vienna 1020, Austria | Opening hours: Monday to Friday & Sunday 11.00 to 20.00 – Saturday 11.00 to 24.00 | tel:+43 6766916421

5. Loving Hut restaurant & Café Nuebau

Loving Hut restaurant & Café Nuebau is a delightful addition to the international chain of vegan restaurants. With over 200 outlets in major cities, each Loving Hut operates independently, offering a unique menu inspired by the teachings of Supreme Master Ching Hai, a renowned spiritual teacher and author. While the chain’s slogan “Be Vegan, Make Peace!” encompasses its spiritual roots, one can still relish the exquisite vegan cuisine without delving into the spiritual aspect.

During the summer months, Loving Hut Neubau provides customers with a quiet and serene summer garden located at the back of the restaurant. This quaint oasis provides a tranquil atmosphere to enjoy your meal just a few meters away from the main road. The establishment also serves as a café, offering an array of coffees, herbal teas, and delectable vegan sweets.

LOVING HUT NUEBAU : Neubaugürtel 38/5, Vienna 1070, Austria | Opening hours: Monday, Thursday, Friday 12.00 to 21.00 -Saturday & public holidays 12.00 to 22.00 – Sunday 13.00 to 21.00 – Tuesday & Wednesday closed | tel:+43 6602290351

6. My Secret Garden

Located in the downhill alleyway on the side of Mariahilfer Straße, My Secret Garden is a hidden gem that provides a diversity vegan and vegetarian dishes from around the globe. Emphasizing on sustainability, the restaurant sources organic and locally produced vegetables to create their warm and hearty meals, as well as flavourful salads. There is warm food , rich salads, specialty coffee , also with vegan milk varieties, and refined hot drinks, as well as homemade cakes and delicious raw sweet temptations. With everything, the gluten-free diet is not neglected!

Stepping inside the restaurant, you’ll be greeted by a leafy inner courtyard styled in Biedermeier fashion. The ambiance is reminiscent of a tranquil garden, inspired by the philosophy and meditation path of Sri Chinmoy. Delve into his teachings as you browse through his books, available in one of the rooms where you can also enjoy your meal. For a unique experience, opt to dine in the enchanting alleyway itself, immersing yourself in the bustling atmosphere while savouring the flavours of My Secret Garden.

MY SECRET GARDEN : Mariahilferstrasse 45, Vienna 1060, Austria | Opening hours: Monday to Saturday 11.00 to 19.00 Sunday & public holidays closed | tel: +43 15862839

7. Maran Vegan – Cafe & shop

Located on a side road at the beginning of Mariahilfer Straße, just off Westbanhof, Maran Vegan is the perfect spot to start your day with a delightful vegan breakfast or enjoy a tasty lunch.

Begin your day with a fulfilling breakfast at Maran Vegan. Treat yourself to a cup of freshly brewed coffee or aromatic tea. Indulge in their selection of bread, or go for a vegan croissant or a soya and vanilla golatsche, a traditional Austrian filled puff pastry. For the early birds, they have freshly prepared bread with vegan cheese, ham, and various fillings. You can choose to sit down and relax inside the cozy shop, or grab a delicious snack-to-go if you’re on the move or not particularly hungry at the moment.

After enjoying your meal, take some time to explore Maran Vegan’s well-stocked vegan shop. They have a wide range of vegan products available, catering to all your needs. Whether you’re looking for vegan groceries, snacks, or even vegan pet food, Maran Vegan has got you covered. It’s the perfect place to pick up everything you need for a cruelty-free lifestyle, even when you’re on holiday.

MARAN VEGAN : Stumpergasse 57, Vienna 1060, Austria | Opening hours: Monday to Friday 08.30 to 19.00 – Saturday 08.30 to 18.00 and Sunday closed | tel: +4315954900

8. Veganista – vegan ice cream parlour

Veganista ice cream parlours have become a popular destination for ice cream lovers in Vienna. With 12 locations conveniently spread throughout the city, including one inside the airport, it’s hard to miss the opportunity to indulge in their cruelty-free delights. The minimalistic design of the shops puts the focus on the counter, where visitors are greeted with a wide variety of vegan ice cream flavors to choose from.

The success of Veganista can be attributed to the passion and dedication of its founders, Cecilia and Susanna. These two visionary vegan sisters started their business 20 years ago with the opening of their first shop, LaLa. Since then, they have been committed to providing delicious, high-quality vegan ice cream options to satisfy the cravings of both vegans and non-vegans alike. Veganista a must-visit for anyone in Vienna seeking a guilt-free frozen treat.

VEGANISTA : Neustiftgasse 23, 1070 Vienna, Austria | Opening hours: Monday to Sunday 11.00 to 23.00 | tel: +4319610845

VEGANISTA : Margaretenstraße 51, 1050 Vienna, Austria | Opening hours: Monday to Sunday 11.00 to 23.00

VEGANISTA : Amerlingstraße 19, 1060 Vienna, Austria | Opening hours: Monday to Thursday 11.30 to 22.30 – Friday to Sunday 11.00 to 23.00

VEGANISTA : Tuchlauben 12, 1010 Vienna, Austria | Opening hours: Monday to Sunday 11.30 to 22.30

VEGANISTA : Ungargasse 55/8, 1030 Vienna, Austria | Opening hours: Monday to Sunday 11.30 to 22.30

VEGANISTA : Taborstraße 15, 1020 Wien, Austria | Opening hours: Monday to Sunday 11.00 to 23.00

VEGANISTA : Alserbachstraße 5, 1090 Vienna, Austria | Opening hours: Monday to Thursday 12.00 to 23.00 – Friday to Sunday 11.00 to 23.00

VEGANISTA : Operngasse 34, 1040 Vienna, Austria | Opening hours: Monday to Sunday 12.00 to 22.00

VEGANISTA : Museumsplatz 1/Haupteingang, 1070 Vienna, Austria | Opening hours: Monday to Sunday 11.00 to 23.00 | tel: +436607506800

VEGANISTA : Döblinger Hauptstraße 57, 1190 Vienna, Austria | Opening hours: Monday to Sunday 11.30 to 22.30

VEGANISTA : Lainzer Str. 3-5, 1130 Vienna, Austria | Opening hours: Monday to Thursday 11.30 to 22.30 – Friday to Sunday 11.00 to 23.00

9. The Lala – vegan bistro

At Vienna Airport’s Terminal 2, there’s a delightful bistro called The Lala that is definitely worth a visit. This charming eatery is owned by the same two sisters who also own the popular Veganista ice cream shop. In fact, you can find Veganista ice creams right inside The Lala, allowing you to satisfy your sweet tooth with their delicious vegan treats.

It’s worth mentioning that due to its convenient location, the airport shop may be a bit more expensive than its other locations. There are two location inside Vienna as well which are worth a visit.

THE LALA: Neustiftgasse 23, 1070 Vienna, Austria | Opening hours: Monday to Thursday 09.00 to 20.00 – Friday to Sunday 09.00 to 21.00

THE LALA : Neubaugasse 1, 1170 Vienna, Austria | Opening hours: Monday to Saturday 09.00 to 20.00 – Sunday closed

THE LALA : Vienna Airport, Terminal 2, Austria | Opening hours: Monday to Sunday 03.00 to 20.00

10. Other Vegan restaurants in Vienna

Here is an extended list of another 15 (unreviewed) vegan restaurants in Vienna. Remember to check their opening hours and availability to ensure a smooth dining experience:

  1. Veggiezz
  2. Tian Bistro
  3. Harvest Bistro
  4. Rupp’s Pub
  5. Gagarin Vegan Bistro
  6. Pizzi*s & Cream
  7. Tolstoy
  8. Pepper & Ginny – Vegane Veinkos
  9. Tokyo Boom
  10. Sattva Vegan


Whilst sight seeing Vienna it is worth stopping by at the food and produce market Naschmarkt. There are around 120 stalls including vegan stalls fresh fruits, vegetables, and an array of spices and mixes from around the globe. Spanning over 1.5 km, Naschmarkt is a lovely place to walk through. However, it’s important to note that while there are plenty of vegan options, there are also non-vegan stalls, including those selling fish.

Enjoy exploring the vegan food scene in Vienna!

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