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The 2018 Consciousness Festival – a different pace of life

by Darryl Grima
consciousness festival

This October why don’t try a different pace of life! Visit the 2nd edition of the Consciousness Festival. It is being held between the 26th and 28th of October 2018 at the Vortex at Vincent’s Eco Farm Mgarr.

VeggyMalta spoke to Gilbert Cordina Ahau about the festival. Gilbert describes the festival “as a community gathering that aims to gather a community of people to enjoy three days together. Waking up to Meditation, Tai Chi or Yoga the people will then enjoy there day listening to a variety of chillout and acoustic music, socialising, or even attending some very interesting workshops.

The entrance ticket for the festival costs only €5/day. It is worth noting though that the funds resulting from the Consciousness Festival will go to support the development of an eco-friendly permaculture structure. Hopefully being a trigger and catalyst for more permaculture development here on the islands, enabling people to live in harmony with nature and restore the balance.

Consciousness Festival is 100% plastic free environment.

What’s happening at The Consciousness Festival

The line up for the festival is quite impressive and I suggest all to go on the event’s facebook page to keep updated on what’s up everyday. The music line up includes Alpha Centauri, In Spirit, The Palkard Project, Binomial, Music Playground, Peter Paul from Tribali, Soul Trip, Swara, Anther, Fabricka, Rod Minus, Stimulus Timbre, William Bellia and others all performing live.

Gilbert wanted to emphasise that the festival is an inclusive event. In fact the choice of food, which is vegan, is all inclusive as everybody can eat vegan food. There will also be gluten-free vegan. Anurakti will be at the festival with a range of raw vegan foods will be present at the festival. It also is a non-alcoholic festival. There will also be a fully fledged Artisan market selling handmade local art and mixed items.

As already mentioned the festival starts on the 26th of October and is part of the events taking part during Malta Meat Free Week. The day start at 9.00 am with meditation and ends at midnight. There will also be camping tickets available for those who want to enjoy the entirety of the festival.

Consciousness Festival

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