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16 celebrities – can you guess how many are vegetarian/vegan?

by Darryl Grima

vegetarian celebrities

We all know that being vegetarian and being vegan is becoming a lifestyle choice by more and more people. From Malta to India (traditionally vegetarians) to the USA. We all meet new individuals who tell us that they switched to being vegetarian or vegan. But really how popular is the vegetarian wave? So Veggy Malta has made a compilation of 16 celebrities. The question is, how many vegetarian celebrities can you recognise?

Well let’s see how far the vegetarian/vegan wave has reached Hollywood. Let’s test out how well you know these famous personalities. From a total of 16 personalities, try to guess the number that represents how many of these sixteen stars eats meat! That means you need to try and identify who of them is a vegetarian / vegan or who of them still eats meat. Let’s start with a group of 8 male celebrities. Start guessing!


Did you use your spider senses to identify who eats meat or did it come as a big bang? Punch out the carnivores!

Now try to see who of these 8 female personalities is a vegetarian / vegan and who still eats meat. There is a mix of young and less young actresses and celebrities. They have conquered the waves, space, starlight and our hearts. Can you guess? So what number are you thinking?


Out of the sixteen celebrities the total number of meat eaters could be between 1 and 16, but it actually is zero! That is how popular the vegetarian and vegan lifestyle is becoming. Some of the most beautiful actresses and handsome actors are vegetarian celebrities or vegan celebrities.

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