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England’s first plant based hotel

by Darryl Grima

In December of last year, the prestigious Yorkshire establishment, Beck Hall, achieved a ground-breaking milestone by transforming into England’s premier fully plant-based hotel. This remarkable shift marks a significant stride in the ongoing global movement toward a more sustainable and ethical existence. Nestled in the quaint village of Malham within the picturesque expanse of the Yorkshire Dales National Park, Beck Hall proudly stands as the inaugural English hotel to embrace this transformative journey.

Media © Beck Hall

This evolution resonates deeply with the core values of its proprietors, Andy and Louise Macbeth, who themselves lead a vegan lifestyle. Their dedication extends beyond business, as they craft plant-based meals daily for their own children. Louise Macbeth’s commitment to mastering the art of plant-based cuisine further underscores their ethos, as she recently completed the prestigious Diploma in Plant-based Culinary Arts at the esteemed Le Cordon Bleu London culinary school in January of this year.

Embracing a comprehensive vegan and cruelty-free philosophy, every facet of Beck Hall’s offering, from the luxurious amenities in its 20 ensuite rooms to the toiletries, reflects this commitment to ethical living. Maintaining its reputation for inclusivity, Beck Hall remains steadfast in its dog-friendly policy even after the transition. The newly curated menus boast a diverse array of offerings, spanning from delectable breakfast options to tantalizing lunch selections, elegant A la carte dishes, delightful afternoon teas, a specially crafted kids menu, and even a traditional Sunday roast menu. With offerings such as truffle wild mushrooms, Lebanese caprese, Middle Eastern kofta, Mushroom stroganoff pudding, and White bean cacciatore, guests are treated to an indulgent culinary experience that leaves them spoiled for choice.

In recognition of its pioneering efforts, Beck Hall clinched the prestigious PETA UK Travel Awards for 2024, earning the title of Best Vegan Luxury Hotel. Reflecting on this transformative journey, the Macbeths expressed initial apprehension about the transition, anticipating a potential downturn in business and negative feedback. However, their fears were swiftly allayed as they received an outpouring of overwhelmingly positive feedback, culminating in their busiest December and January to date.

This resounding success not only underscores the burgeoning growth of the vegan market but also highlights the widespread support for ethical and sustainable practices. So, if you’re contemplating a serene getaway to the breath-taking Yorkshire Dales, with a visit to the awe-inspiring Malham Cove on your itinerary, Beck Hall beckons as the quintessential destination for an unforgettable experience steeped in ethical luxury.

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