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Valsoia launch their new dairy free coconut ice cream – you need to taste it

by Darryl Grima


Veggy Malta tries out Valsoia’s new coconut ice cream range.

Valsoia has just launched a new range of dairy free ice creams just in time for summer. If you are one of those people (like me) who loves coconut, including chocolate coated coconut sweets, then you will certainly like this new range by Valsoia. The range comes in a box of 4 sticks or in a 300 g tub.

But lets talk a bit about the taste! The mini sticks, are chocolate coated (great start) with a coconut flavoured cream inside. So you first need to bite through the chocolate shell and then bite in to find the creamy part. The taste of coconut will kick in slowly after biting the creamy part. The taste is creamy and rich but not overpowering. Just as you would expect from a coconut ice cream. Though this isn’t a traditional ice cream. It is dairy free, lactose free, gluten free, vegetarain and vegan.

The packet of mini sticks comes with four dairy free ice creams inside it. In a family with three kids (like mine), there is always going to be a lot of competition for ice cream, so one needs to be creative. I find that storing some things in the very bottom shelf of the freezer is the best way to ensure that you can find them next time you open it. (Though I’m not sure if I will find anything after I post this!)

A good option for families, that way more can share the ice cream (does anyone really like sharing when ice cream is involved?), is Valsoia’s coconut ice cream tub. This 300 g tub is big enough for all the family. The good thing about it is that it has two flavours, on one side the coconut and on the other side the cacoa. That way you can have a mix of two flavours.

What how much Valsoia il Gelato base Cocco range cost?

The packet of 4 sticks sells for €4.99 whilst the 300 g tub sells for €3.99.

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