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Tasty Meat Substitutes

by Darryl Grima


Today it is easily possible to eat meat free food and enjoy the same plate of food thanks to the vast range of meat alternatives and substitutes available in the frozen, chilled and dry sections of supermarkets and health shops.

By being meat free it certainly doesn’t mean it is taste free. On the contrary, meat free alternatives have come a long way in choice, taste and nutrition and pack a punch on all three.

Not only do meat substitute products taste good, but their nutritional values are worth noting. They are usually high in protein. Additionally, many studies have shown that it is advisable to decrease the consumption of meat especially red and processed meat. So, whether you want a burger, a sausage, some pulled chinks, some mince to add to your pasta, a cutlet, polpette or nuggets, prepared meat free meals or whatever, there are ample substitute meat-free ranges and products available to meet your taste.



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