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Seitz – a gluten free brand new in Malta

by Darryl Grima


Veggy Malta has a look at Seitz. A German gluten free products brand that has recently arrived on local shelves. You can easily recognise it from its distinctive blue packaging.

So what is Seitz? It is a German brand producing a wide range of gluten free products. The range includes pasta, flour and baking mix, baked goods, cereals and muesli, cupboard essentials and snacks and sweets. The company’s aim is to provide individuals with gluten intolerances with an ample choice of food options.

Locally the products available include a range of corn flour pasta (fusilli, broad pasta, rigatoni, spagetti, spinach pasta) and also brown rice pasta. Different types of flour including teff flour, coconut flour, banana flour and tigernut flour. There also are bread mixes for plain white bread, seed bread, brown bread, cake mix and brownies mix. Finally muesli and chocolate and lemon wafers for those who have a sweet tooth.


A range of Seitz gluten free flours

An interesting section of the Seitz brand is its range of alternative gluten free flours. Let’s start with tigernut flour which unlike what it’s name might imply, is not made from nuts. It actually is a small root vegetable that grows in Northern Africa and the Mediterranean. [1] Tigernut flour is also used by those following a paleo diet. Then there is the ancient Ethiopian teff flour. This is a high fibre food and a strong source of protein. [2] Banana flour is made from green bananas. This flour is gluten free and a resistant starch, making it friendly for those with celiac or gluten intolerance, and as a result it is popular for those who lean toward Paleo or primal-like diets. [3] And finally there is coconut flour which is a high fibre gluten free alternative to wheat made from dried, ground coconut meat. [4]

Seitz range locally

The range of Seitz products available locally is set to grow. and you should be seeing more products with their distinctive blue colour on the shelves. Seitz is imported and distributed locally by Rimus Trading Agency.

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Mark Saliba June 27, 2018 - 10:03 am

Qed niehu gost kemm qed jizdiedu il-ditti u prodotti gluten free f’Malta. Iktar ma jkollna ghazla izjed ahjar gahx kien hemm zmien ma kien hawn kwazi xejn f’pajjizna. Illum ditta sabiha bhal din Seitz tkompli tghati ghazla lil komunita celiac u intolleranti ghal gluten.

Rita January 16, 2022 - 10:36 am

Minn fejn nista insib nixtri prodotti Seitz, jekk joghogbok?

Darryl Grima March 25, 2022 - 1:33 pm

Ma nahsibx li ghadhom jinstabu fis-suq Malti


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