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Magnesium, the vital mineral that helps us cope with stress and anxiety.

by Helga Tonna


It is 2020 and we are facing a virus that has created havoc the world over. Quarantine, lockdown and Covid-19 are the most used words of our time. Routine has changed in many ways – working from home or job loss, home-schooling kids and the necessary social distancing. Whatever the situation, we are all experiencing some sort of anxiety and stress.

Emotional stress drains the body of magnesium.  Magnesium is wasted via the urine in times of stress.  A lack of magnesium magnifies stress. The body must have Magnesium to respond effectively to stress.

How to cope:

Keeping to a routine is important: Wake up at the same time each morning and do your normal routine – breakfast, shower and so on.


Yoga stretches, running up and down the stairs, or other physical fitness you can do at home.

Find time to relax.

Plan your ME time away from the kids. It is important that they keep to a bed routine both for their well-being and yours! Enjoy a hobby, read a book or watch a movie.

Before bedtime DO NOT watch news updates on social media or TV. Go to bed in a positive mood. Taking a bath before bedtime using Magnesium Flakes will help you relax.



Plan your meals.

Include a lot of Magnesium rich food in your daily diet. Almonds, chickpeas, kale, broccoli – the list is endless. Keep to a good balance of protein and carbohydrates. Refined carbs and sugars are the feel-good foods we go to, but their effect is ultra-negative, especially when we are stressed.

Supplement with Magnesium.

My go-to brand for Magnesium is BetterYou®. Studies have shown that magnesium is absorbed through the skin much faster and better than when taken orally.  If you are having trouble sleeping, try the Goodnight oil spray or the Sleep Lotion.


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