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Juice Delights – a fresh juice to cleanse your system

by Darryl Grima


Veggy Malta met up with Sarah from Juice Delights to understand what natural juice therapy is. Sarah has been juicing for the past 4 years and moreover she is a qualified and with the Complimentary Medical Association.

Interesting Sarah started by pointing out “that nowadays we are overfed and undernourished”.

But exactly what is juicing? It is important to state that juicing is different from blending. Most of us are familiar with blending. Many of us have a home blender and throw in vegetables and fruit to make a thick drink. In this case the whole of the vegetable and fruit is used. The blender chops the product and does all the chewing for us. Furthermore all of the fibre of the produce is retained. What you will get is a smoothie which will be thick, which could be diluted with water to help you drink it. Our body though will still need to separate the liquid juice from the insoluble fibre which eventually is passed out from our system.

Juicing on the other hand is different. It uses a centrifugal system to extract the liquids. here the juice is extracted from the insoluble fibres, which makes it easily absorbed by your body. So much so that it reacheS our cells in around 15 minutes. The insoluble fibre is removed and can be thrown back in the soil as compost. It is the same product that would have been disposed of by your body. Eating solids takes around 50 hours to pass through the body, which in this case it takes just 15 minutes.  Whilst juicing removes the insoluble fibres, it leaves the much needed soluble fibres.


I tried out two natural juices that Sarah prepared for me. Possibly I should start a juice plan to kick start my much needed diet and if I seriously want to start cleansing my body from all the toxins. I liked them both and took the yellow juice (made from apple, ginger and lemon) in the morning and the green juice (made from apple, celery, cucumber, fennel and lemon)  at noon. Obviously juicing is ideal for vegetarians and vegans (and raw vegan), but also people with special dietary needs.

Another great advantage as mentioned on WebMD is that “if you’re not big into fruits and vegetables, it’s a good way to get them in”¹. This also applies for children who would rather take a juice than have their daily fruit and veg. You might also choose to take an additional step and go organic as well.

If you are interested in knowing more you can visit Juice Delights’ facebook page and message her there.


Source ¹

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Fiona Vella December 22, 2017 - 10:25 am

Great article!


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