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Bee Sustainable Activist Camp

by Darryl Grima

Friends of the Earth Malta is organising this event between 1st December and 3rd December.

Bee Sustainable is a 2-day live-in workshop that will provide participants with the fundamental tools for creating pollinator-friendly gardens in Malta.

In this 2-day activist camp we will go through the basics of the importance of environmental sustainability, looking at systems holistically through a permaculture mind-set, pollinator species and the vital role they play in the ecosystem, how we can create bee-friendly areas by growing specific plants, and means through which we can work together to create pockets of bee-friendly areas in different localities in Malta and Gozo.

Previous knowledge base is not required, however a desire to propagate the concept by creating bee-friendly areas in private or public spaces is required.

Dates: 1st Dec to 3rd Dec. Arrive at 7pm on Friday and farewells at 8pm on Sunday.
Location: Villa Psaigon
Particpants: 30 max

The activist camp is FREE but a deposit of €15 is requested to secure a space.

For more information and to book a space, go to the following link:


Day 1: Friday 1st December at 19:00
We will be welcoming participants to the space that we will be inhabiting for 2-days for the camp.

Day 2: Saturday 2nd December

Session 1: Permaculture and Sustainability, taking action and driving change, why we need to collaborate to create pollinator friendly areas.

Session 2: Introduction to pollinators and their importance in the ecosystem. Issues that pollinators are facing. Plants to grow each season that bees need for nectar and pollen. Visit to an apiary. Creation of a Bee-hotel.

Session 3: Creating a pollinator friendly area in our communities. Group exercises to discuss how pollinator friendly areas can be created in our localities and work through the processes required to do so. Participants are encouraged to think of spaces and ways of creating pollinator-friendly areas in different localities.

Day 3: Sunday 3rd December

Session 4: Visit to a site in which a bee-friendly garden will be created. We will go through the process of designing the pollinator friendly area and setting up the garden space.

Session 5: An action pack will be presented and we will work through the material in the pack and how it can be used so that we can create pollinator areas in different spaces.

The workshop will end with a communal dinner at 18:00 on Sunday.


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