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Best vegan and vegetarian pet to have

by Darryl Grima
vegetarian pets

Some might argue on ethical perspectives whether a vegetarian or a vegan should actually have a pet! Most of us tend to agree that it is fine to have a pet as long as you love and treat the pet well.  Having said this, the question many ask is, can I have a vegetarian pet? After all, those of us who choose this lifestyle would like to have a house free of meat.  Even if the meat is for your pet.

On the other hand many dog and cat lovers ask if it is possible to feed a dog or a cat a vegan or vegetarian diet. For many the choice of switching tot his lifestyle stems from not wanting to exploit animals. Thus one might state that having a pet is forcing our human agenda onto another animal.

Having said that lets look at the animals that can live with us at home.

Gerbils, hamsters and guinea pigs are all very vegetarian. These rodents love fruits, nuts, berries and are very sociable.  Cute and furry rabbits love their vegetables. Long living, sun loving tortoises. Small fish and birds like parakeets, canaries and other small birds. Dogs are omnivores by nature and have been known to thrive well in vegetarian and vegan households. Cats are essentially carnivores, so some might question the ethics of switching their diet. Many vegetarian and vegan pet owners will though state that their feline thrives well on a vegetarian diet.

Do not support the trade of wild animals by buying a pet

In the case of tortoises, fish and birds there are other aspects that any good vegetarian should be careful about. This is the provenance of these pets. Animals captured from the wild should not be purchased. This trade should not be supported. The trapping and capture of wild animals goes against a vegetarian lifestyle. This is more widespread that one can imagine. Ask clear questions and if you feel that you have not been given a clear answer, just don’t buy!  When buying a dog or a cat, it is always advisable to go to adopt from a sanctuary. There also is the issue of excessive exploration for breeding.


vegetarian pets

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