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A healthy walk in the Mgarr countryside

by Darryl Grima
pesticide action week


The Sunday’s walk and activities at Mgarr have been postponed due to bad weather to Saturday 7th April from 11.30hrs till 13.30hrs.


We are all becoming more aware of the hazards of pesticides on and inside our food. Even locally there is a greater drive and awareness towards pesticide free and organic food and products. Initiatives like the walk this Sunday (25th March) by The Vegetarian Society of Malta help raise awareness, and are a chance to exercise in the company of like-minded people.

The walk is part of the local activities of Pesticide Action Week 2018 which is an international event to raise awareness and action on the use and abuse of pesticides. It starts at Vincent’s Eco Farm in Mgarr and moves around the beautiful town of Mgarr. For those who wish to attend, they should be there at 11.00am. The walk should take some 3½ hours. For more information go on The Vegetarian Society of Malta’s facebook page.

pesticide action week

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