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VeggyMalta checks out Jordans Country Crisp Cereal

by Ramona Debono

Jordans have a vast range of crunchy cereals and the majority of them are vegan. The brand uses the simplest of ingredients like whole grain oats, dried fruits, nuts and seeds. These ingredients are processed as little as possible – so you can get the benefits of these foods that provide natural energy, rich in nutrients.

As a matter of fact, when reading the ingredients list on the box, one can notice that the first thing on the list is wholegrain cereals. This means that the oats, wheat and barley are made up of every single bit of the edible grain; including the bran and the germ. This will ensure that you will get an array of vitamins, minerals and fibre with every serving. One of the joys of wholegrain is that it keeps you feeling fuller for longer.

Furthermore, the fruit pieces are freeze-dried. This process simply removes the water from the fruit but keeps all the nutrients like vitamins, minerals and fiber.

The oils and fats are on the far end of the ingredients list so the quantities are quite small compared with the good overall nutritional profile this cereal has. I must add though, the cereal is not sugar-free, but if consumed in moderation, it can provide you the much needed energy boost to start the day.

I tried the Fruit & Nut, Strawberries, Super Berry and Honey & Nut, the latter being vegetarian due to the honey, however, all of them are lactose free as there is no milk listed as an ingredient. For this reason, this cereal is suitable for non-vegetarians, vegetarians, vegans (with the exception of the Honey & Nut) and lactose intolerant.

The cereal is super crispy and tasty. The baked oat clusters with the perfect blend of fruit and nuts make it a great snack to be enjoyed in front of the television or in between meals, even as a tasty topping on your yoghurt. It also makes a great pre/post-workout snack.

I also gave the Country Crisp Cereal a try with soy milk for a more ‘traditional’ breakfast. This cereal really holds well in milk, and does not turn into a soggy porridge. The oat cluster pieces resemble a cookie-like shape making the cereal more moreish.

The Super Berry and Strawberries Country Crisp have a good amount of freeze-dried blackcurrants and blueberries, cranberries and strawberries pieces giving the cereal a hint of natural fruity sweetness and slight tartness which complements the wholegrain oat base.

On the other hand, the Fruit & Nut Country Crisp has the perfect combination of chewy and crunchy. The chewy raisins and crunchy dried banana, cashew nut pieces and almonds, provide some good fats to your morning bowl of energy. I must admit that the Fruit & Nut Country Crisp is my favourite out of the ones I tried because I like mixing different textures in my food so this one definitely hit the spot for me.

Jordans Country Crisp cereals make sure that you start your morning right providing you quality fuel to conquer your day. It is a great breakfast option to have on the go, takes seconds to prepare and is very versatile – just add some dairy-free milk and fruit to your bowl to bump up your nutritional profile and you will be good to go!

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