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Veggy Malta checks out: Galbusera Cereali G biscuits

by Ramona Debono

Galbusera is a renowned Italian brand which specialises in biscuits. Their mission is to make products suitable for our daily needs without sacrificing taste.

Taking a look at the list of ingredients, one can notice that Galbusera uses simple and wholesome ingredients. Their products are free from palm oil, GMOs, chemical emulsifiers and preservatives. Since launching their ‘Percorso Salute’ (Health Path) trademark, Galbusera are more committed to use minimally processed ingredients in their products.

Veggy Malta got to try two crunchy products from the Cereali G biscuits series: the Granola e Frolla and the Frollini Integrali Farciti con Crema al Gianduia Nero. The Granola e Frolla biscuits are a fusion of wholegrain granola with the goodness of biscuits. What makes these biscuits better than others is the benefit of whole and unrefined cereals, thus preserving their nutritional properties. In fact, one could taste that wholegrain, oaty and cereal taste, and the pieces of extra dark chocolate are the perfect touch to make you look forward for your next breakfast! The Granola e Frolla biscuits are suitable for vegetarians and do not contain lactose, hence are also great for anyone who is lactose intolerant.

The Frollini Integrali Farciti con Crema al Gianduia Nero consist of two golden biscuit layers holding a layer of dark hazelnut chocolate cream in between. The biscuit mix has a variety of wholegrain cereals making them quite fiber rich and the dark hazelnut chocolate cream is not overly sweet. In fact, the average sugar content in similar cream-filled biscuits is that of a whopping 31g per 100g of biscuits, whereas the Frollini Integrali Farciti rank lower at 20g. It is important to point out that the Frollini Integrali do contain milk hence making them suitable for vegetarians.

The most difficult part consuming these biscuits is stopping at two or three! We know this because they vanished into thin air before we got to write this review! Both Galbusera Cereali G biscuits contain around 25 biscuits per pack, so practice moderation while snacking, as you can get carried away with the whole pack before you know it!

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