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It looks, feels and tastes like a bloody beef burger!

by Darryl Grima


Veggy Malta had already visited Le Bistro at the Radisson Blu in Paceville some months ago, yet this time we were invited to try out the new Beyond Burger. Let me be explicit, if you don’t like the taste of meat then don’t eat this burger and choose their vegan burger!

The burger came well presented in a big bun, fries and sauce. Nothing special there, yet after tasting, if I wasn’t sure I asked for the vegan burger I would have thought have been in doubt what I was eating. The burger has the moist feel and look of a bloody burger. It also has the same colour and texture.


I can imaging what you are saying to yourself. How can somebody who hasn’t eaten meat for over 30 years remember how a meat burger feels and tastes! I totally respect you doubting my taste buds, after all it’s been a really long time ago since I bit into an animal based burger! Which is why I chose to bring with me a second opinion for the meal (who is not one of us veggies). So after chewing up a chunk of burger and letting the taste sink in I asked for feedback. The answer was, it tastes like the burgers that those on the table behind us were eating! I looked at their table and it was a beef burger! I guess that sums it up.

This burger looks like a beef burger, feels like a beef burger and tastes like a beef burger! This burger looks, feels and tastes like a bloody beef burger! Beef burger eaters you can switch to this burger! You have no excuse.


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