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A Plant-Based diet is a healthy option

by Helga Tonna

More people are becoming aware of the benefits of following a plant-based diet. Watching a video or documentary on animal farming is enough for some to stop consuming meat, fish and dairy. Others choose to change their eating habits after learning of the impact these industries are leaving on our planet.

Whatever the reason for going Vegan, when one opts to follow this way of eating, there is always opposition by those concerned about the nutrient value of following this diet. I want to put these minds at rest that if done properly, a plant-based diet is not only good for the animals and the planet but also for us, as the health benefits are numerous.

A balanced diet incorporates protein, carbohydrates, healthy fats and the right balance of nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and Omega 3. In a plant-based diet, protein is taken from nuts, seeds, tofu, lentils and beans amongst others. Healthy fats are found in nuts, seeds and oils such as Virgin Olive Oil. Some vitamins may not be present or not enough of them is found in these foods. That is when one should include supplements, to ensure that all important nutrients are taken daily.

Vitamins that should be taken as supplements are vitamin B12 and vitamin D. Not enough iron – sources of this are found in dark leafy greens such as spinach and in seaweed – can lead to anaemia, a serious blood disorder. Thus taking an Iron supplement is always advisable – my go to are the BetterYou Iron oral sprays. Omega 3 is found in seeds such as flaxseeds but for those needing to up their intake of Omega 3 will do well to take it in the form of a supplement such as Natures Aid Flaxseed capsules or Igennus Vegan Omega.

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