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Trying out Beeswax Frank Wrap

by Ramona Debono
Beeswax Frank Wrap

Beeswax Frank Wrap 2The Beeswax Frank Wrap is a concept developed by Adriana Frank, a professional accountant living in Malta. The aim of this product is to offer a plastic-free option to food storage that is easy to use, whilst helping decrease plastic waste in nature.

The Beeswax Frank Wrap is plastic free, reusable and washable. It’s made with 100% eco-friendly certified cotton, beeswax, jojoba oil and pine resin to ensure that food is kept fresh with their antibacterial qualities. These wraps are sustainably made and handmade locally.

As you may see from the pictures, the Natural Food Wrap comes in three different sizes (small, medium and large) and has a fun pattern, which I liked. It is really super easy to use; the wrap holds to your bowl or food just with the warmth of your hands and holds its seal as soon as it cools. In fact, it feels a little bit sticky from the wax and oil, but it holds to whatever you’re storing nicely.

It’s also very versatile – you can make good use of it for other things than just food. For instance, the Beeswax Frank Wrap can be used to wrap a wet toothbrush or even hold soap safely in your travelling bag!

Taking care of the wraps is simple as well. Just wash them in cool water with a little bit of soap, air dry and store them in your drawer. You’ll have them ready for the next use.

I would highly recommend using Beeswax Frank Wrap as it does the job very well – it acts like a second skin to whatever you’re covering, the pattern makes it look cute and presentable and it’s plastic free! Moreover, when it reaches the end of its use (and you would know as it will thin out and won’t stick well), you can cut your wrap into strips and put it in your compost bin!!

What a (cute) way to contribute for a better and plastic-free environment!

If you are interested and would want to get in touch for more information, drop an e-mail on info@frankwrap.com and FB @beeswax.frank.wrap

Currently they have 25 % OFF on some Frank Wraps.

Beeswax Frank Wrap 3

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