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Mikoffee – Direct Flame Roasted Coffee

by Darryl Grima
mikoffee direct flame roasted italian coffee

One thing that most people like whether they are vegetarians, vegans or others is coffee. Undoubtedly coffee drinking is growing and along with that is the knowledge about coffee. As a result more consumers are looking for speciality coffees like MiKoffee . This is the only direct flame roasted coffee using Italian oak.

What is so special about MiKoffee? Amongst the features of this product one finds that it is an artisan product, produced in Tuscany Italy since 1952. For 65 years this coffee roastery in Montecatini has produced a speciality coffee. The main difference though is actually in the roasting method, which is direct flame roasted. Most coffee is roasted by means of heat generated by burning wood, gas or electricity. This heat is applied to the roasting drum and the green beans are roasted to the traditional brown colour we are used to.

In the case of MiKoffee, the process is different because it is direct flame roasted. Whilst they still use wood, oak to be precise, it is the actual flame that is used to roast. In fact the flame from the stove is pulled into the roasting drum. another important factor is the fact that you can actually taste the wood in the coffee. The tradition of roasting using direct flame has been almost been lost. Fortunately this art is now being passed on to a new generation of Master Coffee Roaster, from Lauro to his daughter Sara Chelotti.

The benefits of coffee

If you still are unsure about coffee, there are many reasons why your should be drinking it. Here are a few reasons:

  1. It is a huge source of antioxidants,
  2. Coffee could lower your risk of prostate cancer
  3. It could help reduce your risk of diabetes
  4. Drinking Coffee could help reverse liver damage from drinking
  5. Coffee could reduce your risk of Parkinson’s disease
  6. Coffee could help you get rid of cellulite
  7. It could help reduce your risk of heart disease
  8. Coffee could reduce your risk of colon cancer
  9. Having a coffee can speed up your metabolism
  10. Coffee can help reduce depression

If you would like to buy some MiKoffee, you can find it at Mosta at HQ Click Shop. See the map.

www.mikoffee.it or contact export@mikoffee.it

mikoffee direct flame roasted italian coffee

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