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Living in the present – a hypnotherapist’s perspective.

by Andrew Zammit Soler
living in the present

living in the present

As a hypnotherapist I work in the beautiful world of the power of the mind. How our mind can influence the way we feel, see and react towards ourselves and others. Individuals come to me for a variety of reasons. From problems, dreams, goals and aspirations to smoking cessation, weight loss, increasing overall life, athletic and business performance. I have found that anxiety and depression have become two major issues in our culture.

Everyone is caught up in their thoughts.  How they believe that everything as going bad and how people perceive them. This preoccupation with negative thoughts ultimately leads to the latter. I always advocate that people should live in the present or as a Gestalt therapist would tell you, living in the here and now. This might sound a bit cliché ’or something out a fairy tale but practising living in the present is not just doable but it will save you a tonne of stress and anxiety.

Just enjoying the moment or a piece of meaningful work will bring much more meaning and gratitude in your life. Just sit down and enjoy your meal alone, or with family and friends.  Get rid of that phone and live in reality. Life is really short to waste it worrying. The time you have is the present so don’t worry too much on times you don’t have.

So how can you practice living in the present? Let me offer you some personal tips and also relate to what others say about living in the present. 

Tip number 1: Meditation. Yes you saw that coming didn’t you! Just 5 minutes of mindfulness mediation or guided hypnosis will be an awesome workout to train your mind to focus on the present.

Tip number 2: Do meaningful work. Doing meaningful work does not mean becoming the next X factor pop star or the next Cristiano Ronaldo. It could be something small as focusing your attention on your studies, raising your children, committing to getting fitter, writing , doing your current job to the best of your ability and so on. Use your own imagination to seek out what truly is meaningful work for you. Meaningful activity will release the extra brain waves which will get you in a state of flow.  At that point nothing else matters and you will be super happy in that state.

living in the present

Tip number 3: Practice Yoga or Pilates. Practising a form of exercise that requires strict concentration and focusing on precise movement and breaths gives you no option but to be present. With mat work fitness in assured and say hello to a happier, healthier more flexible you.

Tip number 4: Try to eat right 80% of the time at least. Do not fill your body (your personal engine) with constant junk, refined sugars,fried foods and alcohol.  Try your best to eat more real and natural food. Fruits and vegetables make your skin glow. They are easily digested and improve your mood. The benefits of raw fruits and vegetables for us humans is nothing short but remarkable, we will discuss that in the future!

Tip number 5: try Intermittent fasting.  There is no need to eat six times a day who has time for that? Eat properly once to three times a day to keep you head and body clear. Over consumption overloads your body. Just as when you constantly gaze you add fat because you are spiking your insulin levels. We find fasting in all religions. It is even mentioned by the ancient Greeks who used fasting to clear their mind and get spiritual enlightenment.  It will help you become more attuned with your body which will make you more healthy and self aware. 

So Basically I offered you some basic tips you can if you like to implement in your life to be more present , healthy and happier. Just take your time and take everything step by step.

Believe that everything you see happening in your mind you can do in reality.

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Dodie Pace February 7, 2019 - 7:24 am

Just seen you on one breakfast, very interesting. I’m a 72 year old woman, ex teacher, with 3 grown up sons living with my husband & yes life does seem boring at times. Am really interested is there anything online available pls Tks.
Well done keep up the good work.

oshim kher October 22, 2021 - 8:12 pm

Superb article… thanks


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