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Growing Mung Bean Sprouts at home – by GEO

by Darryl Grima
mung-bean-sprouts simply organic malta

Veggy Malta tried out GEO Mung Bean Organic Seeds for sprouts. This is an easy way to grow your own food at home. We used the GEO sprouter to grow the mung bean sprouts, yet you can use a sieve or a nylon mexx if you wish. mung bean sprouts vegetarian vegan malta

Actually growing the mung bean sprouts couldn’t be easier. As a starter one simply leaves the beans in a glass of (tap or bottled) water overnight.  Next morning, spread the seeds in the tray. The seeds need to be “watered”, twice a day.  What you will actually be doing is wetting them as the water passes through to the bottom of the tray. If you have multiple levels growing you would be watering them all at one go!  After just 3 days the sprouts were ready to eat.

Mung bean sprouts are a great food. They contain a wide range of vitamins and mineral salts (Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Iron, Zinc, Copper, Phosphorous and Sodium). Plus 20% of protein.  Furthermore they contain all the essential amino acids and numerous enzymes essential for proper digestion.

Some simple pointers. Start the growing process in a dark area and then move them to a location with indirect sunlight.  Once the first leaf has opened, then it is good to consume. After that, you can either eat, or store in the fridge for a maximum of 2 weeks.  Use like tap water or bottled water to grow the sprouts.

An important thing to add about this product is that it is certified organic (even locally). The seeds have been cleaned and tested prior to packaging for any possible pathogens, and thus are completely food grade.

The 90 grm package costs €1.55 and can be bought from Simply Organic in Balzan.  Growing your own organic food couldn’t be easier (and fun). It is a great way to also involve children.

mung-bean-sprouts simply organic malta

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