Cannelloni topped with Fior di Vita Shredded Mozzarella



Cannelloni a Mediterranean (Italian) pasta tradition, so let’s try out this vegetarian version of cannelloni that is a totally meat free recipe and so so yummy.


  1. Cannelloni tubes
  2. Ricotta – 1kg
  3. 1 free range egg
  4. Salt & pepper
  5. Soya or rice based cream
  6. Fior di Vita Shredded Mozzarella
  7. Vegetarian Pecorino cheese


  • Prepare ricotta mixture by mixing the fresh ricotta with the free range egg and season with salt and pepper. (Spinach or mushrooms may be added to the mixture if desired).
  • Fill in the cannelloni tubes
  • Prepare the dish by filing the base with cream and then start placing the cannelloni on top next to each other.
  • Cover once again with cream and then layer on top abundant Fior di Vita Shredded Mozzarella and vegetarian Pecorino cheese.
  • Alternatively at the base of the cannelloni dish and at the top, a tomato sauce mixture can be added prior to the cheese topping.
  • Place in the over and bake.


Author: Darryl Grima

Darryl Grima is Veggy Malta's Editor. He became vegetarian over 30 years ago and over the years became always more plant based. He recalls a time when Malta was not so vegetarian and vegan friendly. Apart from campaigning and raising awareness on plant based issues he is also active in environmental and animal welfare organisations. He holds a Diploma in Political Studies and a Masters in Business Administration.

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