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Who I Blame for COVID-19…Nas Daily says MEAT

by Darryl Grima
nad daily who do i blame for covid 19

nad daily who do i blame for covid 19

Most of us know Nas. He came to Malta and we all got to love his videos.

Now Nas Daily has expressed himself on the COVID situation and said”I know this video will get a LOT of opposition.  But after 40 days in lockdown…I think it’s time to voice what I really think. It’s time for a whole new way to eat. A whole new way to live. A whole new way to think. And it all starts with what we put inside our temples.

He doesn’t blame China or Trump, he blames us for eating meat. He shares how Ebola, H1N1, Mers, HIV and now COVID-19 all come from animals. At least 50 milllion people got sick from animal diseases. So he became a vegetarian and stopped eating meat. YAY! That’s the way Nas. Well done.

As he well says “why the hell do we put viruses in our temples”. This happens because we eat meat.

We need to learn something from all this. We need to learn that meat is wrong for so many reasons, but if you don’t care about animal rights, about the climate and global hunger… well I guess you care about your health. You wouldn’t have been on lockdown if you didn’t. So lest stop more pandemics, let’s stop eating animals.




Remember this October there will be another edition of Malta Meat Free Week.

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