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Take control of YOUR life. Mindfulness session at Mistra Bay

by Andrew Zammit Soler


As a coach and therapist, I spend a lot of my days researching and practising techniques that make us feel better as people. As human beings we are extremely imaginative and creative beings, all things which are great from modern day technology to the invention of the light bulb. Henceforth most of the times as imaginative human beings we tell our selves stories that drag us down, only to a downward spiral of negative self-talk and you know just feeling bad.

My philosophy professionally and personally is that people are unconsciously practising the behaviour of feeling bad. Why you might ask. Well throughout our lives we have learned behaviours from our environments.  Most of us end up creatures of circumstance, in the effect side of life. We think that we have no control over how we feel. Yet we certainly can.

Unfortunately we all looking for quick fixes. Let’s forget the quick fix although there are ways that can be quite fast and soothing. Listen to this video and embark on a beautiful destination as You just RELAX…

Enjoy and feel free to contact me via email: soler93@outlook.com & 79630029 also on WhatsApp feel free to ask any questions and connect.




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