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Shanti Health shop – specialising in organic and natural products

by Darryl Grima

Veggy Malta visited Shanti in Mosta. Whilst Shanti in Sanskrit means peace, tranquillity or bliss, in Malta we know it for the health shop in the Mosta main road.

I was greeted by the owner Helga Tonna, who explained that Shanti has been open for nearly 25 years. It is a pioneer in the health food sector. Shanti has a wide selection of organic and natural products. There are many products suitable for both vegetarians and vegans. One will also find ethical cleaning products, hair products and cosmetics. Helga went to emphasise that nothing that is tested on animals sets foot inside the shop. Clearly the vegetarian and vegan lifsestyle does not stop at the food we eat but also other products we use like detergents and also cosmetics, which are available at Shanti.

You can also find health supplements inside the shop and Helga is qualified to advise on the proper use. Helga stated that  she has helped and advised a number of people (and relatives) starting in a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle who might have had some concerns. She states that “finding a balance in one’s life is essential to healthy living. This is why we believe that the essence of a good life starts with the food we eat and anything that touches our skin comes right after.” These few words actually sum up what Shanti is all about.

The shop is bustling with activity on different times of the week.  On Wednesday there are yoga lessons. Thursdays there is a visiting nutritionist and on Friday’s there are sessions of Chi Gung.

Where to find Shanti

Shanti is in Eucharistic Congress Street in Mosta. Here is the street view of the place on google maps. You can find Shanti on facebook and also on their website or call on 2141 4473 / 9980 4293.



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