Vegan Raw Carrot Cake

by Paula Attard
raw vegan carrot cake
Vegan Raw Carrot Cake

A simple and quick to make raw vegan carrot cake which you can use as a desert or even a snack with your afternoon vegan tea. It is rich in flavour and vitamins. Plus it’s gluten free, low calorie and so fresh. Enjoy.


– 3 Carrots (chopped up into small pieces)

– 1 ½ cup Oat flour (blended oats)

– 12 Medjool Dates

– 1 cup Organic Raisins

– ¼ cup Chopped Almonds

– ¼ cup Chopped Walnuts

– Cinnamon Powder

– Himalayan Salt

Blend everything in the food processor, press into a lined tray and let it sit in the fridge for 2-3 hrs.

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