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Humans have a choice to fight animals don’t

by Darryl Grima
Christian ic-Coqqos vegan boxer

Maltese vegan boxer Christian Schembri known as ic-Coqqos, explained on our TV show Ghand il-Vegan, how himself and boxers have a choice to go in the ring and fight. Animals do not have a choice when they are shot by hunters or bred and killed in industrial farming.

Animal rights are the reasons why he chose to become vegan. He stated that nobody forced him to become a boxer and fight. Animals on the other hand are mass reproduced in factories, with no choice, in bad conditions, and killed. He emphasises that boxers fight on their own choice , a luxury that animals don’t have.

Inspiring words from Christian ic-Coqqos who is a vegan professional boxer. Further on in the program he explained how his game improved since he became a vegan, with a faster recovery time. Additional, he stopped having a number of health ailments after he switched to veganism, making him feel overall better.

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