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TOP 20 PAMA PAVI promotions


Borefield has again partnered with VeggyMalta to create an even more powerful sales and awareness initiative for 2020. In fact, for 2020 we are launching a new campaign called TOP 20 – where each month we have a theme where we would like to have 20 top brands go on 20% discount.

Learning and developing from the experience we have had in 2019, TOP 20 aims to be a holistic promotional campaign aimed at increasing brand awareness and increasing sales. We believe that the key strength of TOP 20 is the unique mix of elements in-store and online within the two best-selling local supermarkets.


What are the TOP20 Themes for 2020

There are 12 themes, one per month:

January | Meat-free protein

February |Rich in fibre – Vitamins – Minerals

March | Free From

April | Vegan

May | Gluten Free

June | Summer Fun

July | Meat-free protein

August | Rich in fibre – Vitamins – Minerals

September | Gluten Free

October | Meat Free

November | Free From

December | Christmas fun


Every theme will be divided into possible product ranges that can fit under it. To give some examples for the first theme “meat-free protein”, there would be headings like Nuts, Frozen foods, Protein powders, Quinoa, Nut butters, superfoods etc and a brand associated with that heading. Attached to this email please find an excel sheet where we have already started working on possible headings for the themes. You can suggest more headings. Our aim is have different headings as much as possible.


How will the TOP 20 brands be promoted?

As mentioned above TOP 20 brands and the offers will be promoted in-store and online.

The in-store initiatives are as follows:

  • 5,000 A3 folded newsletter with a recipe per issue, information on the subject, brand / products on offer visuals.
  • A video on the subject which will also include brand / product on offer highlights will be looped on monitors inside both supermarkets. This is a high value exposure at point of sale.
  • Overall there will be 40 hours of instore promotion (20 hours per shop) which result in 4 hours per brand included in the package.
  • A large poster will be placed on the freezers (or other top shelves) promoting the theme along with all brands on offer during the month.

The online initiatives are as follows:

  • Video will be put up on VeggyMalta.com and VeggyMalta facebook (with over 20k likes growing steadily with 1k new likes per month) plus it will be boosted.
  • A post will be uploaded on VeggyMalta.com with information on the theme and the brands and also shared on our facebook page.


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