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How to make your review on Veggy Malta successful

by Darryl Grima

This is a quick guide to maximising your review on Veggy Malta. There are three main types of reviews on Veggy Malta and for each there is a small section below. The three review types are (a) product review, (b) shop review and (c) meal review.

A. Product Review

A product review is when Veggy Malta is going to write about a specific product that you manufacture or import. The best reviews are focused reviews. Do not try to put too many products in one review. The result will be that not enough would be said about any particular product. It is best to focus on one product and make sure that the information, features, benefits of that product are well explained.

Product information. Be prepared! Have all the information at hand.

  • Are there any company fact sheets that you can share?
  • What are the key features of the product? What makes it different from others? What’s particular to state about the product?
  • Are there any health benefits associated with the product?
  • Is it suitable for any intolerances?
  • Is there any interesting information about the manufacturer worth sharing?
  • Is the product specific to a particular region? Is there a story there?
  • Is it organic? Is it free form GMOs?
  • Does the product carry a Fairtrade or Rainforest Alliance label? Is there a story there?
  • Does the company have a carbon neutral footprint?
  • Also provide the RRP of the product. Plus do you have any offers in place?

Product sampling. Every review needs a personal touch.

  • Prepare samples to be taken. These will be used for two main reasons (a) to try the product out and write about and (b) will be used to take photos. Depending on what type of product it is you can judge whether one or two samples are best (eg does the product needs to be cooked and mixed with others).
  • Veggy Malta only used photos that are taken by us as they are watermarked with the Veggy Malta logo.
  • Always advise how the product is best used/served/prepared. This information will also be useful for content.

A typical product review can be found here.

B. Shop Review

A shop review is when Veggy Malta makes a review of a location, like a health shop, which can include various products. The aim is not to promote a specific product but the shop itself and the location. In this case a different narrative needs to be used.

Gather information about your shop. Be prepared!

  • Why did you open the shop? Is there a story here?
  • What’s special about the shop?
  • What is the philosophy behind your shop?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • Why should people buy from you and not another shop?
  • Have a list of the various product categories sold in your shop.

Photography. Remember that photos will be taken. If you have boxes lying around, empty shelves or whatever, that is what will show in the photos. This is the image you wish to give to people. Furthermore people usually want to see a face associated with a shop. Be prepared to have your photo taken. (Do you need more people in the photo – ask them to come and be present).

A typical shop review can be found here.

C. Meal Review

A meal review is when Veggy Malta goes to a restaurant or catering establishment and tries out a particular meal. The aim here will be to try out a particular plate from the menu and write a review on it.

Have all the information on the plate. Be prepared!

  • Most of the time it is best to have the chef available so that he/she can describe the plate, what is in it and how it was cooked. If you can’t have the chef then have someone who can best describe the plate (tastes, flavours, particular cooking style, balance between different ingredients).
  • Know all the ingredients.  What type of food are you preparing a vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, free from…? You will be asked on the standards you keep to ensure that the food is not contaminated during preparation.
  • The reviewed food should be something that is on the menu and not specifically done. The aim is to promote food that are available to walk-in customers.
  • What is the philosophy of the restaurant?
  • How big is the vegetarian, vegan, gluten free and other free from choices on the menu?
  • Try to set the time during the week and during the day. Preferably when there are less people in the restaurant and where there is abundant light (and maybe a view). This is important to take photos. Remember the exercise here is not to have a free meal but to taste and review (and take the best photography possible).

A typical meal review can be found here.

How does it work

If well organised and prepared the meeting should not take long. The more prepared you are the better as that way you will ensure that you have mentioned all the points that you wish to see covered in the review. It’s your brand we are talking about!

A draft of the review will be prepared. This will be sent to you by email for your feedback before publishing it.

Other info

Some criteria to keep in mind when it comes to products. Veggy Malta only reviews and promotes products that as a minimum fall within the lacto-ovo vegetarian category. A definition of lacto-ovo products can be found here.  Where it comes to cosmetics we prefer ethical brands (cruelty free) and free from animal products. For household products we prefer those products that make an environmental difference and help consumers and reduce their environment impact. The less the packaging the better.

Veggy Malta may refuse to make a review if the Editorial believes it falls short of our core values which are human health | animal rights | sustainability. Veggy Malta believes in making a change by bridging customer and industry.

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