About Us

Eat Health | Live healthy

Our slogan is simple: Eat healthy | Live healthy. This is what Veggy Malta is all about. Promoting healthy food and a healthy lifestyle. Veggy Malta is a fresh online magazine / blog that promotes healthy food, vegetarian and vegan foods, organic and also free from foods. These could be free from lactose, dairy, gluten, sugar, soy or whatever. Veggy Malta aims to provide individuals suffering from intolerances with the choices they need.

Veggy Malta aim to be a reference point for consumers who want to find products and venues that suit their particular lifestyle choices. The target audience are flexitarians, vegetarians and vegans. Mostly Veggy Malta wants more flexitarians to browse and read through our pages and find more products, recipes, shops and dining venues where to eat healthy and meat free. Having said that Veggy Malta is a strictly lacto-ovo vegetarian magazine | blog and will not promote meat products. Suppliers that do not have their products already certified by an international body are always asked to check within their ingredients if the products contains hidden traces of animal products. Within this same context Veggy Malta aims to promote foods that are suitable for those who have allergies.

Veggy Malta also believes that change and greater choice can only happen thanks to the private and commercial sector. Veggy Malta partners with the importers, manufacturers and distributors to promote products that meet Veggy Malta’s criteria. A number of posts on Veggy Malta are sponsored and would be mainly found in the VM Shopping section and VM Restaurants +.

Veggy Malta also tries to visit and list health shops in Malta and Gozo. In most cases we have contacted the owners of the shops and have been invited over to make a review and take photos of the place.